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I'm back! (I hope). So when I last tried to put some mass on last winter I had a shoulder injury that was worse than I realized that didn't hold up to the increased intensity lifting. So by Feb. I had to take a break from lifting for a few months. I started extremely light lifting about 4 months ago and have slowly increased intensity as my shoulder recovered. Now I feel like my shoulder has completely healthy and haven't had any problems for a couple of months so I'm going to once again attempt to add some mass on.

I currently weigh around 140 lbs at about 7-8% BF. I hope to get to around 150 lbs and stay around 7-8% BF in a few months. I tested my 1RM on bench today and it was 205 lbs. So I am making my immediate goal to be getting to 143 lbs and a 1RM of 225 by the end of October. I am once again going to go with the PHAT routine as I was making good progress when last using it.
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