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The point isn't to be getting all of your fat from fish oil. I get most of my fat from olive oil from cooking, and periodic peanut butter. I do supplement with fish oil however. There is 1 gram of fat per pill, 240mg of that is omega 3. The point with fish oil pills is to add that additional healthy omega 3 fatty acids and try to tip the balance towards a healthier one when comparing omega 3, 6, and 9. No one has agreed upon what the balance is, but the omega 3 will be the minority either way. When I'm being good with my sups, I have 4 pills a day total, though I use flax seed oil pills for my omega 3, and try to ensure I am minimizing bad fats (dairy and meat fat), and have a good but not over-abundant foundation of fat. I still recommend supplementing with your fish/cod/flax oil pills, but 10 a day/meal is certainly FAR more than is likely necessary assuming a healthy diet anyway.
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