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Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
My knees are aching when i started to jog? how to cure this? I'm only on my second day..
Re-read the first page of this thread again, I told you my thoughts on jogging, but here it goes again....the short version.

Jogging sucks.

Why? It hurts your joints and is bad hormonally as well.

Stop jogging, I already told you, you get lean my lifting weights and having a proper diets. NOT BY JOGGING.

But if you really must job, Hardcory gave you information on how to maintain it in your schedule.

Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
is it already plateau?
A plateau has nothign to do with pain. A plateau is when you are unable to add reps or weight to your resistance training exercises.

i don't like to bike because it will cause hypertrophy in my legs, resulting to have it bigger..
You are forgetting several things. First, to cause hypertrophy you must be eating enough to gain weight. If you are eating to lose fat, than your legs are not going to magically get bigger.

Second, hypertrophy doesn't happen overnight, ask anyone on this website (or any other for that matter) who wants to get huge. It TAKES A LONG TIME. You can use the bike as a break for your knees, or even better, you could ditch the cardio all together and do squats and deadlifts.

I think I may have an arthritis...
Doubtful, what you are probably feeling are standard aches and pains from:
a) a new activity
b) bad form or...
c) a combination of a and b.

James 1:16-17 ESV
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