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I am finding more things I need to work on as I move towards NPTI, tonight that being my grip. A lot of my muscular strength has stayed, as well as some degrees of endurance (not mentioning my muscular bulk has barely changed, except my legs which are getting back into position), but my grip is very poor. I am having troubles fatiguing various muscle groups because my hands are fatiguing out too quickly, but that's what my hand vice is for. I will be working on this in the weeks to come, along with my lower back and my hip as possible, among other things.

Tonight I went pretty light, maybe half the volume I would have preferred but its best to go at this bit by bit and stay consistent. Come monday I'm on a normal 40 hour a week schedule for a couple weeks before school starts, so I will be trying very hard to get my mind back into the game (I've been doing virtually nothing the last week or two, maybe to compensate for the chaos ahead) and get prepped as well as possible.

All of this, as usual, is on my ****ty apartment universal gym. Decided my hands needed a break instead of finishing off with my free weights at home.


Lat Pulldown:

Pec Fly:

Bicep Bar Cable Curl:

Triceps Pull Downs:

Gonna hit my shake, and then some yoga in a bit, and maybe some cardio as well.
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