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Originally Posted by drhunter View Post
It is important to have reasonable goals and workouts. Losing more that a pound or two per weak will be hard to maintain and increase the likelihood that you loose muscle as well. So try to lose that much per week on average (your weight varies by a few pounds day to day due to several non-fat related factors).

Originally Posted by drhunter View Post
If I were you, I'd start with 20-30 min cardio in the am before breakfast daily. See how much you lose with your current diet and workout plan. Adjust cardio (longer, more intense) and diet according to your progress.
Definitely disagree for multiple reasons.

1. To maintain fat loss, your plan must be something that the person can follow long term. Forgetting whether it is even optimal, most people will not be able to consistently do pre-breakfast cardio.

2. Fat loss is mostly accomplished with healthy eating (furthermore, healthy eating is also the way to keep fat off if the client happens to not be very active). Muscle is maintained by strength training. No where in those two statements does daily cardio become necessary to achieve fat loss goals.

3. Fasted cardio is a tool in the fitness tool box, but probably not the best tool to use for someone who is really overweight and has a ton of fat to lose. Fasted cardio is something to get off that last bit of stubborn fat for a near-contest lean bodybuilder. And even then, it is best kept at a low intensity and used sparingly. See below link for more info:

4. Fasted cardio doesn't take into account the long term picture, see below

Fasted cardio is not optimal for reasons spanning beyond its questionable track record in research. There’s unavoidable positive metabolic synergy in fed (read: properly fueled) training, regardless of sport. This effect increases with intensity of training; even in untrained subjects, whatever fat oxidation is suppressed during training is compensated for in the recovery period by multiple mechanisms, many of which are not yet identified.

5. Fed cardio increased performance, see below

Further supporting the evidence in favor of fed cardio in trained men, Febbraio’s team investigated the effects of carb ingestion pre & during training in easily one of the best-designed trials on this topic [10]. Subjects exercised for 2 hrs at an intensity level of 63% VO2 max, which is now known as the point of maximal fat oxidation during exercise. Result? Pre & during-training carbs increased performance - and there was no difference in total fat oxidation between the fasted and fed subjects. Despite the elevated insulin levels in the carb-fueled groups, there was no difference in fat availability or fat utilization.

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