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Originally Posted by Attila View Post
Both aerobic and anaerobic exercise rely on mitochindria to form ATP.This second process is known as glycolysis and while faster isn't sustainable for long periods of time since it doesn't produce as much ATP per unit of glucose.
Here in lies the problem in my opinion, you forgot the Phosphagen System.

When we speak of strength training, we are actually talking more about the phosphagen energy system, rather than glycolysis. The phosphagen energy system is dominant in the first 10 seconds of high intensity exercise. If you think of typical strength exercises and rep schemes, that fits the fill perfectly. A 3 to 5 rep set is not going to be taxing the glycolytic system very much at all since it will be over in roughly that 10 second period. Therefore, building up mitochondria won't assist you in top end/maximal strength. However, building up mitochondria may assist in strength endurance as Calvin alluded to.

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