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Interesting topic, did you ever make any headway??

I'm not sure if there have been any definitive studies in the area, but to me, it would make sense that increased mitochondria might increase the amount of time you can sustain burst strength as opposed to the amount of burst strength.

According to endurance work done by Lydiard and Dr. Cucuzella; long distance, low HR runs increase your mitochondria. Dr C uses the analogy of a hybrid car- gasoline engine (anaerobic, 2 ATP per cycle) vs electric (aerobic, 36 ATP per cycle). Theoretically: Endurance training makes your body more efficient and lowers your HR, which lowers your aerobic threshold, which allows you to use glucose more efficiently for longer.

I do know that sprinting athletes that Lydiard coached benefited from distance training.

I'm not sure how much this would apply to weightlifting given the amount of instantaneous force required. I definitely see it helping in any event requiring continued or repeated application of force.

EDIT: link to Dr. Cucuzella's explanation:
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