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It is important to have reasonable goals and workouts. Losing more that a pound or two per weak will be hard to maintain and increase the likelihood that you loose muscle as well. So try to lose that much per week on average (your weight varies by a few pounds day to day due to several non-fat related factors). If I were you, I'd start with 20-30 min cardio in the am before breakfast daily. See how much you lose with your current diet and workout plan. Adjust cardio (longer, more intense) and diet according to your progress.


Originally Posted by IFMJohn View Post
I'm trying to drop lots of weight. Previously I would run upwards of two miles (inclined) a day on a treadmill. I have never had problems with my knees.

I was looking at and he only has one day of running listed? Should a person trying to loose fat run every workout before and after the workout or not?

I used to run 15 minutes before workout and around 30 minutes after. Does this harm fat loss?
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