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Well that workout doesn't have "one day of running". It has one day of cardio to be done as posing, HIIT, bike, elliptical or running.

Here is what it says:

I realize allot of you are saying to yourselves, " cardio! I refuse to do it! " I
agree that too much can burn muscle. Which is why I will give you three
options of cardio, two of which are not traditional!
1. Posing - This is the first option and is actually the most sport specific of all
three. What you will do is pose, flex and tense your muscles as intensely as
possible for a total of 30 minutes. This will not only burn calories, but also
improve the shape, separation and condition of your muscles. Moreover it will
allow you to get in touch with them, creating a stronger mind muscle
connection that will serve you endlessly in the future! I suggest hitting a pose
and holding it for at least 5-10 seconds before switching to another pose. The
whole point is again to flex, your muscles with an unmatched intensity for the
duration of the workout!
HIIT Aerobics - High intensity interval training has gained great favor in the
world of bodybuilding
You can read about it, if you haven't already in the article highlighted in Blue.
I suggest 15-20 minutes of HIIT training.
3. Traditional Cardio - All you do here, is get on the bike, track or elliptical and
ride or run on it for a methodical 30 minutes. Your intensity should cause you
to breathe, but not so much that you cannot talk. I would suggest keeping
your heart rate within the following:

Fitness Heart Zone 60-70 percent of Maximum Heart Rate
Aerobic Heart Zone 70-80 percent of Maximum Heart Rate
You can find out how to take your heart rate in the workout section of our site.
I point that out because I don't want you trapped in the idea that you have to do tons of jogging to burn fat.

Jogging is hard on joints and puts you in a crappy state hormonally speaking.

How overweight are you?

Don't expect to drop a ton of fat all at once by dieting hard and jogging all the time. Plan to eat well, train hard and gradually take off the fat. Fat loss is mostly accomplished by eating properly, NOT by jogging/cardio. Trust me, I have gotten bodybuilding level lean with no cardio.

In answer to your question, no a person trying to lose fat should not run before and after a workout. Running before decreases strength/energy for the workout. This is not good, when trying to lose fat, you are obviously in a caloric deficit. Guess what? Your body wants to lose muscle as well, it doesn't care that you want to keep the muscle and lose the fat. All your body knows is that you are not eating enough. Therefore, strength workouts are the priority. You must give your body a reason to retain the muscle you do have.

Occasionally doing cardio after your workout is acceptable. But don't overdo it, and don't always pick jogging. Try HIIT, try posing (trust me, try posing). If you have access to battlling ropes, farmers walks or sleds, try those as well, mix it up. You will have more fun and your body will thank you.

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