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Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
what should I do? should I not jog and not burn my calories in order to save my calories for building muscle?

or I should do jogging, burn calories and do training for my chest and shoulders and eat well and let the chips fall where they may?
My vote: Eat well and attempt to build muscle on your chest and shoulders. But don't neglect the rest of your body.

Even if you want to prioritize muscle growth on your chest and shoulders, still do some work for legs, back and arms.

Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
additional question:

should I let my body weight drop in order to lose fat in my stomach and thighs? but I'm training my shoulders and chest so how is my weight should go? should I increase it or decrease it?

You are really overthinking this. Eat a healthy diet, consume adequate nutrients around your workout to make sure you are fueling your workout and recovery, get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water and workout hard. If you consistently eat well, sleep well and workout you will be happy with the results.

People who sweat the minutia haven't spent enough time just being consistent with their workouts. Once you have several solid years of consistent lifting under your belt, you will realize how silly all the really small details are.

And I already answered this question in the last post (found here)....are you even reading what I respond to you? I am trying to help you.

I said that you are likely going to increase weight if you are attempting to build some mass and if you are eating well. At your height/weight, you will probably look better and leaner with more muscle mass.

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