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Default Cutting hard

I'm a high school senior and I just turned 17 yesterday. I've been overweight pretty much my whole life but I have played basketball (two years) and football (3 years). I have been first string tackle both ways ever since I started played (I quit for my senior year to focus on getting an internship with an auto shop, got an appointment tomorrow with an owner ) and so my coaches used to, literally, yell at me if my weight dropped by more than 5 lbs a day at the same time of the day. Due to this I had never even thought about cutting but now that I'm out I really want to get down to a normal weight for my graduation. I know all the workouts and stuff from lifting for 3 years + having 6 meetings with a personal trainer last year until I couldn't afford it anymore. I'm looking for what I can eat/not eat to drop fat, not just go on some kind of "cleansing diet" and loose all my water weight/colon weight.

My daily schedule is as follows:
-Wake up at 6:30, shower, brush teeth, etc. I don't eat breakfast, if I do it is a glass of OJ and a banana.
-Leave for school at 7:30
-Get out of class for lunch around noon. Again, don't really eat as I do not know what to pack and so my only choice would to eat the terrible cafeteria food (terrible as in terrible for you. Pizza, CornDogs, etc).
-Class from 1 pm-2 pm

I am opening a gym membership tomorrow (we just moved to this area a month ago and I never re-opened a gym membership here). I most likely will work out after school. As I said above I will be getting an internship (hopefully) so I am not sure how that will effect when I can work out but I will work around it.

With the above schedule, what can I do to loose fat weight? What should I eat/not eat? Anything that you guys like to eat for breakfast/Dinner? What is good for a sack lunch? I am allergic to peanut butter.

Also, any workouts/workout systems that I might not know of feel free to inform me of.

Last time I was working out consistently was about 3 months ago.
Bench: 225
Squat: 285
Clean: 185
Push: 180
Mile time: ~9
3 Mile time: ~30 minutes
240 lbs

I'm not planning on doing strength training as I am plenty strong for my liking, I will do mainly core training and cardio with a bit of arm training (my legs are already HUGE, muscle wise).
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