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Answers in red

Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
I'm planning to jog and do cardio in order to lose my stomach and belly..but I also do training for my chest and shoulders in order to gain mass..the question is, what should be my caloric intake in order to lose my stomach and at the same time gain mass for shoulder and chest? can I do it simultaneously?

This was addressed in your previous thread. Short answer: You can, but it is very difficult

Is it: calorie expenditure > calorie intake = in order to lose my stomach and belly?

but It is possible to gain mass for my shoulders and chest in that situation? even if I'm training them?

or: calorie intake > calorie expenditure = in order to gain mass for my shoulders and chest?

but it is possible to lose my stomach and belly in that situation even if I jog and do cardio exercises?

This is the better of the two scenarios you present. If you are eating well and adding lean mass to your shoulders and chest, then you are more likely to be able to simultaneously lose some fat around the abdominals as a side benefit.

Keep in mind, I said better, but that doesn't mean I endorse it. I don't think jogging is very valuable to be honest. It it hard on the body both in terms of your joints and hormonally. You don't get lean by burning a few calories from jogging. You get lean by eating healthy and having a muscular physique that burns calories just by virtue of having lots of muscle mass.

or I should focus only on gaining or losing and it cannot be done simultaneously?

Better to focus on one goal, otherwise you are chasing the wind.
At your height/weight, you would make the most progress visually by adding some mass to your frame.


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