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Well in my experience I tried moderate intensity cardio on a low calorie,low carb diet.....I lost weight but looking back now it's not the best way to go.

The best results I can say I've personally seen from myself is not as much cardio,I was doing it 4-5 days a week......I've now dropped it to 1-2 days of low intensity cardio for 45-60 mins a session........I weight train 5 days a week as I'm on a 5 day split....and my calories for the day is around the 2000 mark with a split of 40% carbs,40% protein,20% fats.

Just eat healthy......slow digesting carbs(oats,brown rice,sweet potatoes,veggies,whole grain pasta),good sources of protein(chicken,turkey,beef,fish)and healthy fats(olive oil,nuts)stuff like that,and make sure of portion control......and train,and you'll lose fat
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