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Answers below in red

Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
I'm already at my optimal weight based on my height.. 5'6" = 148 lbs.

Who's to say what is optimal? We are all unique.

but there are parts of my body that are asymmetric, my hips and waist are oversized according to "adonis index" and my chest, shoulders, biceps etc..are undersized.

If I try to increase the size of the parts of my body(gain muscle mass), do I need to increase my weight?

Yes, increasing muscle will increase scale weight.

what are the signs that you are gaining muscle mass?

Increased strength in the gym, clothes fitting differently, increased definition (even if bodyfat remains the same, increasing muscle size will increase the appearance of definition or leanness), increased appetite

is it based on gaining weight?

In a perfect world, everyone would lose fat and gain muscle perfectly at the same time and their scale bodyweight would remain the same. However, that is very hard to do. More realistic is that at best, your bodyfat will remain constant while you gain muscle meaning the scale will go up. Usually, you will gain some fat as well from being in a caloric surplus, meaning that the scale weight will definitely go up if muscle mass and fat mass are both increasing.

but I worry that I will become overweight If I increase my weight, or it is necessary for gaining muscle mass?

First, although I can't see the picture, at 5'6" and 148, you are in no danger of suddenly becoming obese. Secondly, no one is forcing you to eat. Therefore, if you eat to gain muscle mass and you find that you are getting a bit too soft for your liking, simply cut back carbs and calories a little and try to find the happy medium that works for you.

should I let my weight gain in order to gain muscle mass in order to achieve the ideal size of my body(shoulders, chest, biceps, etc..) even if exceeds the Ideal body weight.. then after that, I will try to lose weight in order to lessen the size of my assymetrical parts(hips, waist).

what to do?

Decide what YOU think is optimal. Set your own goals and then develop a smart plan from there.


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