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Default One arm barbell shrugs

Found a unique way of doing shrugs with a barbell. Basically you would place a barbell in the corner of the room the same way you would to perform T-bar rows. The first way of doing the one arm shrug would be to stand with the very end of the barbell to say your right side with the rest of the barbell behind you. You then would squat down and grip the end of the barbell with your right hand and squat back up so that your standing up straight. From there you simply shrug the weight up high as you can until you cant perform any more reps then squat back down to sit the weight on the ground and repeat the same for your left side. The second way of performing the shrug would be to start with the end of the barbell directly in front of your right thigh. You would also squat down grip the end of the bar with your right hand and squat back up to the upright position. Then you would just shrug the weight as many times as you can and squat back down to sit the weight down. You should be able to use the same amount of weight you use on dumbell shrugs just counting the weight of the plates added to the barbell. Both ways have a unique range of motion because the barbell travels through a small arc. Very similar to hammer strength shrugs but I feel these way more. I feel my traps with these more than any other trap exercise i have ever done.
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