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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Have you read the articles on this site? Click on "journal" above and read through the articles, there is lots of great information.

I hate to sound rude, but if you aren't even willing to research the most basic information, than you likely won't have the motivation necessary to succeed.

Maintenance means do minimal work (maybe one workout a week), and not striving to get stronger, just doing enough to keep the muscle mass you have.

No, you don't want to train thighs daily to lose fat. Hit them with weights once per week and eat a sensible diet. You will lose fat if you watch what you eat. You may want to include a session of HIIT sprints as well.
Losing fat is more about diet. Training frequency should be roughly the same as what you were doing before attempting to lose fat.
can you give me the link of the journal?

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