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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
That is WAY too much.

Volume and Intensity are on a continuum. Training extremely high intensity necessitates a reduction in volume and vice versa, training with extremely high volume means you must reduce weight or use of intensity techniques (rest pause, drop sets, emphasized negatives).

Training is very much about finding a balance that works for you.

You are attempting to lift with extremely high intensity (multiple rest pause sets taken to failure) and while I wouldn't say 12 sets for chest is high volume, it is at least fair to say that is moderate, definitely not low volume. Very high intensity is best paired with lower volume (such as DC or HIT).
DITTOO to that.....this is why i refered to his training to DC...but detoriated version of it...

Anyways...SlimShad...heres my advice...take a whole week off!

then come back with reduced volume and reduced poundages (for first week or so)..then when your muscles are ready...say from 2nd week or so...HIT JUST 1 WORKSET of JUST 1 EXERCISE for 1 BODYPART....with this same intensity you have described earlier in this after that 1 for say 15-20 secs (roughly thats 20-25 deep breaths) then hit the same weright again for for as many reps as for say 15-20 secs (roughly thats 20-25 deep breaths)...then hit the same weight again for another mini set of as many reps as possible...on paper it would look like eg: 12 reps + rest + 7 reps + rest + 5 reps + rest + 3-4 reps...note: these are just arbitary numbers you may actually hit diff rep scheme...important thing is the intensity should be the same or even more then what you described... remember it would be just 1 WORKSET now!!!

and further i would advice ... if you are really interested in this type of workout....go and visit DC official up read up read up as much as you can and then read some more...

let me know if i can help further.
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