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Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
Me and you are about the same size then Charles as I'm 176cm......nice to know I've not got far to go to get to a low body fat percentage.....

My scales that read body fat % say I'm 24.5% bodyfat...I was starting to worry lol
You're probably about 10% or less right now. That scale is garbage!

Also keep in mind that fluctuations in water make a big difference. My bet is that Berkhan's equation is a bit low and predicts measurements while you are a bit dehydrated and in contest shape. On the other hand, I found another equation that predicts 177 lbs and up to 185 lbs while bulked and obviously filled with glycogen.

So my idea is that so long as you have at least a range as an estimate, you then can be more realistic about things. Since having extra body fat gives you a few extra calories to play with, once you are in that maximum weight range I believe its better just to strive to be as lean as possible while maintaining weight or even losing weight if necessary. Because for example, if you eat enough to maintain weight, and if you are still capable of gaining muscle and continue to train hard, you'll end up getting leaner by losing fat and gaining muscle; and that is of course providing that you do have extra fat to burn. If you're 3% on the other hand you don't have anywhere to go.

That's kind of what I want to do right now because I know I have some extra fat on me, but I also want to gain some strength back. So I figure if I keep my calories low but eat enough carbs, I'll gain weight in water and glycogen which will also improve my performance in the gym and make me stronger, and I will also lose fat.
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