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Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post

Say I had 200lbs on the bar in my first set and failed at 10....I was advised to rest pause,then lift another 2......then my 2nd set I fail at 8,rest pause then try and get another 4......then my 3rd set I fail at 6,rest pause and say I get another 3 and fail again,rest pause and then try and get another 3 for the 12.....

And that's on every set of every exercise
That is WAY too much.

Volume and Intensity are on a continuum. Training extremely high intensity necessitates a reduction in volume and vice versa, training with extremely high volume means you must reduce weight or use of intensity techniques (rest pause, drop sets, emphasized negatives).

Training is very much about finding a balance that works for you.

You are attempting to lift with extremely high intensity (multiple rest pause sets taken to failure) and while I wouldn't say 12 sets for chest is high volume, it is at least fair to say that is moderate, definitely not low volume. Very high intensity is best paired with lower volume (such as DC or HIT).

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