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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
One thing this discussion hinges upon is what are you defining failure as?

Technique breakdown
Concentric Failure slightly cheat form
Complete Concentric Failure

Obviously, complete concentric failure is not advisable to do every set. But I would hesitate to get close to technique breakdown on every set either.
You are kinda correct here... i don't think so deeply about failure. my plan is fairly target is 30 reps total for 4 sets. i aim to break it ... 12, 10,8,6...that's my AIM...but i may actually end up getting only ..10,8,7,6 all to Failure..(unable to do the positive part of the rep with GOOD form...little deterioration is OK). now in 10,8,7,6...i did get to target of 30 reps so next time for this same exercise i will increase the load say by 5% (or whatever seems right)....

Originally Posted by Commander View Post
As Ecko31 posted, stearing clear of failure in early sets, allows you to get in more total volume and allows you to get in more reps on the heavier sets.
???. Ecko31 posted ''Barbell press 135x15 185x10 225x8 250x8 275x6 315x7(failure)'' totaling to 11,530. though for a person that can do 7 reps with 315 on a particular exercise... '135x15 and 185x10' seem mere warm up sets but still for simple argument sake count as work sets.

now what i do is :warm up: 135x8, 185x6, 250x6
workset: 315x10, 315x8, 315x7-8, 315x6-7.... totaling to 10,395+3690 if the warm up sets are counted too..

now my intention is very positive with this debate and i just want to see if what i am doing is optimal strategy or not.

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