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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
In your own words:
"my legs are all over the shop as I'm struggling to rack the weight back up....or I have to drop the bar onto my power rack cause I can't get it back up"

That's not "slightly" cheating, that is all out complete concentric failure.

Not advisable to do every set unless you want injuries and to stagnate in your training.
Why not advisable? from the description slimshad7 is giving i presume he is following something along the lines of DC (though not strictly DC)...which calls for each set to complete Positive failure..followed by 3 rest pause sets. Now the point to note here is .... over training is avoided by controlling frequency and overall volume of workout..and week off/deload every 5-6weeks or as required.

strictly DC calls for just 1 freaking WORKSET for a particular bodypart. you dont over train that simply....for eg: Shoulders - say Military Press....after required warm up....1 heavy set to positive failure in your desired rep range - that could be any where between 8-12 ideally..followed by 3 rest pause sets. AND That' IT... shoulder workout is done for the day.

But then i am sure Commander you are already very well aware of DC protocol.
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