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Originally Posted by greatkeen View Post
instead of above, why not:

warm up: 135x8, 185x6, 250x6
workset: 315x10, 315x8, 315x7-8, 315x6-7?

i target 25-30 reps TOTAL for 4 worksets... when i am able to hit 30 reps total in 4 sets (10,8,7-6,6-7 etc) I increase the weight for my worksets, say by 5%..

it's very simple yet very effective..
Either way works greatkeen, your way is more intense. The example I posted would be a back off week for me. I've done both ways before. It just depends on your recovery system. For some people multiple sets to failure on a single exercise would quickly lead to over training and injury. I think the best way to learn what works best for your body is trial and error.
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