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Originally Posted by ecko31s View Post
For example:
Barbell press 135x15 185x10 225x8 250x8 275x6 315x7(failure)
It your were to do each set to complete failure your routine my look like this:
135x50 185x35 225x20 250x13 275x8 315x2

On the heaviest set you would be exhausted from the previous sets and would be weaker. It would be hard to make progress and you would probably hit a plateau quickly stuck at the same weight for a period of time.
instead of above, why not:

warm up: 135x8, 185x6, 250x6
workset: 315x10, 315x8, 315x7-8, 315x6-7?

i target 25-30 reps TOTAL for 4 worksets... when i am able to hit 30 reps total in 4 sets (10,8,7-6,6-7 etc) I increase the weight for my worksets, say by 5%..

it's very simple yet very effective..
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