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Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
Hi guys
Just a quick it right to train to failure on every excersise of every set every workout for optimal gains??

As I couldnt progress past 11-12 reps on near enough all my lifts without failing I thought I'd increase the weight and lower my reps so I was failing in the 8 -10 rep range to see if that could kick start my progress again.

Well,I've pulled my back and my chest.....great eh!!!!nothing serious but enough for abit of uncomfortable pain and to halt my training for a couple of days.

How can I avoid doing this again,as obviously I want to add weight to see some progress,but I don't wanna take the chance of injury again.

And I think I've maxed out in the 11-12 rep range.....any help is much appreciated guys
Well from my experience progressively heavier sets with a predetermined amount of reps for each set until you get to your last set which would be the heaviest set that is performed until failure works better as far as seeing progress and avoiding injury.
For example:
Barbell press 135x15 185x10 225x8 250x8 275x6 315x7(failure)
It your were to do each set to complete failure your routine my look like this:
135x50 185x35 225x20 250x13 275x8 315x2
On the heaviest set you would be exhausted from the previous sets and would be weaker. It would be hard to make progress and you would probably hit a plateau quickly stuck at the same weight for a period of time. With the first example you would simply go for one more rep each workout on the heaviest set or add small weight increments such as 2.5 or 5lbs and try to perform the same amount of reps.
week 1 315x7
week 2 315x8 or 317.5x7 or 320x7
with this method you can steadily make progress each week and continue to get stronger. Well at least in my case...Never know until you try something.
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