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Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
i really wanna do a strict clean bulk like you said with the odd cheat day ofcourse
I'm not even sure I'd recommend bulking at all. It's more important first to have a good prediction as to roughly what your natural genetic muscular potential should be. Lyle McDonald wrote a good article about this. But just to give you a summary, Martin Berkhan came up with an impressively accurate equation that predicts what your maximum weight might be once you have reached your genetic potential at 5-6% body fat. It looks like this:
Weight (kg) = height (cm) -100.
So for me for example, I'm 5'9" = 175.26 cm.

So my maximum weight at 5-6% would be 175.26 - 100 = 75.26 kg.
Converting that back to lbs and we get about 166 lbs.

That doesn't sound like much. But if you look up pictures of people who are ripped at such low of body weight you will see that it actually is quite impressive. And also note that I've gained well over 50 lbs since the first time I ever picked up a barbel.

I'm about 180 lbs right now with a flat belly and I'm sure my abs will show if I drop down to 170 lbs. And as you know, I used to be 220 lbs, which is considered obese at my weight. If I never knew about those predictions, which actually are quite realistic, I still would have been wasting my time dreaming of the day that I'd be ripped at 200 lbs. And naturally at my height, I am sure ripped at 200 lbs would be impossible.

Anyways, my point is that you should have a realistic view as to how much you'll weigh at your peak. Otherwise all that extra weight you gain will be fat.

Your better bet is to predict your genetic potential. Then base your goals on that. Bulking is for skinny guys who haven't got any muscle yet where they can gain say 2-3 stone before they can hope to come close to reaching their genetic potential.

But once you have come close to your genetic potential, you won't gain like that anymore. Instead, your aim should be to keep lifting heavy in order to stay as strong as possible. Then do what you have to do to keep your diet straight in order to keep the fat off or even peruse goals of being as ripped as possible and staying that way for life.
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