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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Yes. You could theoretically focus your training on upperbody, while only doing just enough to maintain your legs. Assuming you were in a slight caloric deficit, you could possibly trim some fat off of the leg region while maintaining or evening putting on some size on the upperbody.

Calorie intake would be based on what you are currently eating and what is currently happening on the scale.

Again, theoretically yes, it is possible to lose mass in some areas while gaining it in others, but it will not be easy. Good luck.
because my problem is my thighs and waist, it is oversized, while the other parts of my body is undersized according to the "Adonis Index" computation..

as you can see, I need to decrease my waist by 4.5 inches and thighs by 2.65 inches, while I need to increase my shoulders by 4.98 inches and chest by 3.24 inches.

but as you've said it is difficult to lose mass in some areas while gaining it in others..

maybe I should focus on increasing first? then decreasing after I've acquired the right measurements of my shoulders and chest? is it advisable? is it optimal?

I am 5'6" = 66 inches..

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