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Default The creation of a personal trainer.

So it is finally official. I am registered and will be starting class on October first at the National Personal Training Institute. It is a 6 month program Monday-Thursday (5 hours a day) that will include 300 hours of class work and 200 hours of practical training which will result in a 'diploma of personal training', ACE, CPR/first aid and AED certifications.

For the last 6 months more or less I have been working two jobs, one of which was graveyard shift, and my own business and a ridiculous amount of commuting. This means I have had very VERY little time and energy to exercise, while working most days of the week, sometimes both jobs every day several days in a row, getting between 1-3 hours of sleep on those nights and recovering the other days. I am not in very good shape at all to my standards, I am 241lbs at 5'10", but I cannot let my career wait longer. I am switching to a full time job, 40-50 hours of work including my own business, 10-15 hours a week of commuting, and the 20 hours of school+homework. I will be apocalyptically busy. I will be apocalyptically tired. I will succeed anyway in being a perfect student and getting myself in superb shape in 6 months of training.

This will be my planning journal, my reflections and thoughts on the process (lots of negative judging on their stupid nutrition program probably...I'm going to be an RD, and I know a lot of what they teach is wrong), and my workout log as well, with my diet also, most likely. I have a good idea of what the school is like, as my girlfriend did 2+ months of it before having to stop for medical reasons, though I hope she may be able to return come January but we shall see. I welcome questions and comments as this is certainly an interesting perspective on the body building world, though I know we have other actual personal trainers, CSCS and other highly qualified fitness professionals here.

So I will be doing everything I can to get myself a bit more prepared in the intervening month, with daily stretching, yoga whenever I can fit it, cardio and hiking whenever I can, and in the same ilk, endurance and strength based lifting to get back in lifting shape.

I will be testing some of my max reps and weights and other such stats soon, heart rate, etc. as I get the chance, but some initial measurements are below, which I will recheck soon. I will also use my caliper later tonight or tomorrow and add more stats.

weight: 241lbs
waist: 46"
belly button: 48"
Solar Plexus: 46"
6" proximal of patella: 25.5"
3" Distal from hip bone on quad: 30"
peak of biceps flex: 15"
biceps: 13.5"
forearms: 12"
chest: 45"
neck: 15.5
neck flexing: 17.66"
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