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Originally Posted by slimshad7 View Post
now from here...should i try and cut some more fat off......or now just say balls to the fat and try and pack on muscle which i presume will make me add fat too :-( which ive gotta say.....does bother me quite abit!!!
You look great!!!

Never do a true bulk that allows fat gain during the process. Instead, let the gains come slowly but surely, as you stay lean during the process.

That is the big lesson that took a decade for me to learn. A true bulk that allows fat gain is never worth it. The reason being is that when you go back and try to cut the fat off later on you end up losing a lot of strength and possibly even losing some hard earned muscle during cutting.

Instead, I'd recommend lifting as heavy as possible, trying to get stronger, all while doing what you have to do diet wise in order to keep the fat off.

Also, be realistic about how big you should expect to be naturally. Martin Berkhan has an equation that is meant to predict your maximum natural theoretical genetic muscular potential. I'd check into that just to get a good estimate. It will be worth it. You will be surprised to see that its a lot lower than you might have originally thought.
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