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Default Question about legs......

Hi guys....

Can't believe it's been over a year since I've last been here......well,good thing is I'm still training,instead of 6 months on then giving up ;-)

Anyway,ive got a quick question

Basically I've read that if you don't train your legs it will affect your upper body gains.....I was wondering if there is really any truth to this????

Now I know most would say "you've gotta train legs or you'll look like a chicken"

At the moment I'm on a 5 day split

Sat I just do bit of a overall light pump session,not heavy at all.

I was thinking about dropping legs and going straight to shoulders on a wed,then thurs would be chest.....Friday off.....then back to back on sat......sun/arms and so on.

My main question is after all this rambling is........I'm mostly interested in building my arms are lacking big time!!!!,my shoulders are lacking,traps not to bad,and my chest is ok.

So I wanted to start training my arms and shoulders twice a week by dropping my leg workout.

Any advice would be great...
Many thanks to you all for previous advice I've had on here....otherwise I wouldn't be where I am now,
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