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Hey Arian,
Thanks for checking in. It really ticks me off how much me knees ache right now. I never had knee issues before. I used to hurt my lower back when my form sucked and I have gotten tight IT bands and hip flexors sometimes from tons of squatting, but never any joint issue. The month of hard core (read: idiotic) partials followed by weeks of box squatting really did a number on my knees. Most people, get dinged up DURING contest prep, not me, I get the aches and pains after. Time to train smart and get healthy.

Thanks for the link. I definitely think my quad got tight and that is causing some pain in the tendons around the knee. Stretching has seemed to help. And foam rolling has always helped my legs to feel great regardless of what was/is ailing them, time to get back at it. No excuse, I can always find 10 minutes to roll out my legs.

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