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Originally Posted by GooDFeLLa View Post
IA few questions.. Do you have any other info on this plan? Is fasting strictly like this for a cut? And Does this plan have more benefits than the traditional 2-3 hour meal plan?Thank you!
More info on spiking protein synthesis can be found in the article linked to in the first post.

More info on intermittent fasting can be found at

Fasting can be used when cutting or bulking.

I wouldn't say more benefts, the best diet tends to be one that fits your schedule and you will stick with (provided you aren't eating like an idiot).

Main benefits of IF are:
1) less meals to plan
2) maintained period of low blood sugar/insulin release
3) allows eating at night which provided you don't overdo it, tends to help with sleep (i.e. it sucks to go to bed hungry)
4) period of not eating helps digestive system work properly

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