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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
Yes, the 108g from whey should be as effective as the 172 grams of chicken.

To make Intermittent fasting more effective, spike protein synthesis with whey or BCAA or Leucine as discussed in the article you read.

Wake up - spike protein synthesis (but otherwise consume no food to maintain the fast)
4-5 hours later - spike again
4-5 hours later - Train and consume peri-workout nutrition
Spend the evening feasting

Really hard to say when growth is occuring. I believe both protein synthesis and protein degradation are both constantly going. However, you can tilt the scales in your favor with good choices regarding: diet, training and recovery.
IA few questions.. Do you have any other info on this plan? Is fasting strictly like this for a cut? And Does this plan have more benefits than the traditional 2-3 hour meal plan?Thank you!
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