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Still at it...I will log what I can remember from the week.

Monday am...interval running ..50 yard sprints x 6

Monday pm:
Exp squat: 285 ish x5, 5 sets
Hvy bench: 210x 5, 3 sets
Pushups, pullups, DB squat for assistance lots of sets in circuit

Deadlift exp: 375x5, 3 sets
Military press; 155x5, 3 sets
Rdl. And DB row for assistance

Weds: 3 mile run, 21 was 90 degrees....hard work

Hvy squat: 375x3, 3 sets felt easy!!!
Front squat: 185x7,6
205x5. Again, easy
Exp. Bench: 215x3, 5 sets

ABS are mixed in thoroughly during the week. Lifts are 9coming along nice. I am leaning out, but aappear bigger. I am in great shape.
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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