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Originally Posted by Commander View Post
There are many variables that come into play.

Training age?
Previous volume you were used to?
How are you feeling that day?
How many exercises are you doing?
Are you approaching failure?

Personally, I am used to doing more than 7 sets for a workout. That said, I'd rather not see you overthink this.

Start with what you outlined for a muscle group; 4 sets of 5 of one of the big lifts and than 3 sets of 10 with a compound assistance exercise.

Train hard with that set up, striving to increase the weight on the bar. If you are consistently feeling great and having no issues adding weight to the bar, than maybe consider adding in some sets.
how about the training frequency? I used to train 48 hours interval..meaning monday then thursday then sunday..then it advisable? assuming that I train the same body parts..

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