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Originally Posted by DannyB View Post
yeah I know what you mean, but consider that I'll do this routine after a month not training and so I'll use lower weights (at least for the first weeks). Then I will do deadlift and squat without super-setting them with something.
again may be that's just me...but i like to hit it real hard and heavy after coming of a lay off. i just do max 1 week (depending upon how long i was off) of relatively light workouts but then keep frequency pretty high so all pain and lethargy is gone.

Then i personally find that hitting it heavy and hard - on simple basic compound movements (no fancy super-setting etc) gets me right back on where i was - Quickest !

but as i said your plan looks good too and it's been a really long time i worked out in that typical bodybuilding style. So looking forward to your updates.

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