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Originally Posted by Ectomorph42 View Post
is this per workout? every session I mean should I do both high and low reps?

because as Danny B mentioned, training at 25 reps prior to the 10 reps will lead to fatigue which effects the quality of your 10 rep sets.

Yes, that was an example of 1 training session. Many powerlifting programs are set up similar to this. For example, using the Westside method you would do a max effort lower day where you would hit a heavy compound for low reps, then hit a exercise to up a specific weakness for mid reps, and then do an isolation movement for higher reps. So something like:

Squat - work up to a 2 rep max
Romanian Deadlifts - sets of 5-8 reps to bring up a hamstring weakness
GHR or Back Extension - sets of 10+ reps for conditioning and rehab

That would be one workout. Now if you train the same movement more than once in a week, you can do various reps for each day which Commander mentioned is Daily Undulating Periodization. For example, if I'm doing a volume block I will do something like this for squats:

Monday - squat sets of 8 reps
Wednesday - squat sets of 6 reps
Friday - squat sets of 4 reps

Then for a strength block I drop it to 5s, 3s, and 1s. The 2nd and 3rd exercises would then be similar to what I've mentioned where you can do another compound or isolation and work higher reps for fixing weaknesses/imbalances/conditioning/hypertrophy/other goals.
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