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Due to knee discomfort (not pain, just discomfort from too much front box squatting), I opted to make my quad focused leg day exercise Snatch Grip DL. Naturally, that taxes the back quite a bit, so during today's pull day, my back was already quite fatigued at the start.

Pull Day

Deadlift superset with Lat Pump Work
321x5, 4 sets

Front Lever x 4

Overhand Scrape Rack Rows
143.5x6, 4 sets

Overhand Scrape Rack Rows Chains
101.5x6, 3 sets

BW+2.5 x 6, 4 sets

Lat Pulldown
118x8, 3 sets

* Tricep Pump work in between back sets

Note to self:

I think reducing back volume is in order (and not just becase this workout was hard due to yesterday's snatch grip DL).
1) My back is already a strong point of my physique.
2) I think it takes longer for the back musculature to recover and typically less for the chest/pushing muscles to recover.

I have been doing Push, Pull, Legs (not necessarily in that order), twice per week.

But I may try reorganize my 6 workouts into:

3 Push (not in a row)
2 Legs (1 day quads and 1 day hamstring focused)
1 Pull (but no deadlifts)


3 Push
2 Pull (incorporating deadlifts)
1 Leg (quad focused)

James 1:16-17 ESV
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