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Default a thought about expensive training gear

A friend of mine was saying something about the best weight lifting shoes on the market. He mentioned a few names of products so I googled them. I came across a forum where some guys were arguing about the topic. According to the forum I found, the only good shoes to workout in are expensive brands usually over 100 bucks, and chuck taylors are the worst because they are cheap. They argued on for quite a few pages.
Upon reading this thread I found I thought to myself, are these guys for real? They appeared to believe that you couldn't get a good workout if you didn't have the hottest (usually extremely expensive) workout gear out there. Folks, I have a half-decent gym setup in my garage in which it is not at all uncommon for me to be found training buck naked from time to time. I don't remember the last time I wore shoes to workout.
I've never had expensive training shoes. Am I missing out? I use FlexMax gloves that I take from work to lift with. They suit me fine I think. I think that someone who gets caught up in collecting all this training gear has missed the point. It brings an image to mind of tough guys walking around in warm up suits who haven't ran a mile since 5th grade.
I felt the need to rant on this because to me, it's a simple concept. If you aren't going to put forth the hard work and dedication to get the body you want, then what is the point of buying all this fancy stuff? The real stuff you need is in your mind. Stuff isn't going to magically get you in shape. It's so simple but yet people still don't get it. <end of rant>
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