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Last Night

Abs - L-sits supersetted with crunches, 5 sets.

Push Day - Thursday

* Chest work supersetted with bicep pump work or cable upright row


212.5x3 (+5 every 2 sets) 227.5x3, 2 sets

Bench Chains
150x6, 4 sets

Ring Dips
BW+17.5x6, 4 sets

Bench Partials
137.5, 2 sets

Speed Bench Chains
137.5x3, 5 sets

Lunch Break

* Supersetted this workout with OH Press. I kept it light, 80 to 110 pounds for sets of 5. The slight knee dip/leg drive on OH press was killing me knees when my knee was hurting just a short while ago, so I ditched them. I wanted to carefully reintegrate them. Keeping it light allows me to be stricter for now and not use the knee dip even though I think my knee could handle it now.

Speed Bench Chains
137.5x3, 8 sets

Deficit Snatch Grip DL
256x5, 9 sets

Deficit Snatch Grip DL was fun, using a snatch grip already puts you in a deficit compared to regular deadlifting. Thus, standing on blocks creates an even longer ROM and more quads are involved.

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