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Push Day - Tuesday

* Chest work supersetted with bicep pump work or cable upright row

Snatch Grip DL SS w/ Chest Pre-pump work
256, 276x5
286x5, 2 sets

Bench Chains
175x3 (+5 every 2 sets) 190x3, 2 sets

Bench Chains
182.5x6, 4 sets

Bench Partials
137.5, 2 sets

Maltese Cross Work, 4 sets

SS w/

Speed Bench Chains
137.5x3, 5 sets

Pull Day - Wednesday Morning - a rare morning workout

* Tricep pump work in between back sets

Lat Pump Work

Front Lever x 6

Overhand Rack Row
142.5x6, 4 sets

Overhand Rack Row Chains
100x6, 4 sets

311x5, 4 sets

SS w/

BWx6, 4 sets

Lat Pulldown
115x8, 4 sets


The opportunity presented itself to workout on my lunch break (I usually workout on my lunch break but was anticipating not being able to today for scheduling reasons), so I jumped on it:

More Pull Work

306x5, 5 sets
316x5, 2 sets

Deficit Deadlift
256, 276x5
286x5, 3 sets

Pullups (in between sets of deadlifts)
BWx5, 12 sets

* Also tricep pump sets in between back sets

Last Night Bonus Workout

Plyo Pushups x 3, 7 sets

L-Sit 10 seconds superset with Crunches, 5 sets

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