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Wow, thanks a lot for these comprehensive responses and for taking the time! I really appreciate it.

To get back to you on the few points you raised:

- Ok, yes, my bad. Sample diet #2 is easy. I probably should have taken the first one as an example.

- It's true that I may not always be the guy with the most unwavering motivation, but when I say morning workouts are impossible I mean that I leave home for work at 7:40 and there's no gym in my widest vicinity that opens before 9:30. As for mid-day workout, there's no gym (nor anything else for that matter) near my current work and, even if there was, my job as a consultant implies that I'm always moving around.

- The only issue I have with Chromium is my ignorance towards it.
Vitamins, I know. When I was a kid, I used to be fed some in pill form every morning during winter periods.
Whey, I'm fine with. I've heard and read times enough how it's a totally natural product originating from a totally natural source through a totally natural process.
I just don't know Chromium; aside the fact that it was used to make shiny car bumpers. When I look around, there seems to be mitigated opinions regarding it among non-commercial organisms.

- Ok, good to hear there can be some "wiggle room". What concerned me about "eating meals I haven't prepared" is not so much the fact that it'll be unhealthy, but really the fact that I'm supposed to add up all my meals to make up a precise amount of calories per day, whereas I have no idea of the nutritional content of a cooked meal prepared by someone else, however healthy it is.

Thanks again so much for the invaluable help!
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