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Another odd thing about the decision is where this mandate fits in as a tax. The Constitution outlines 4 types of taxes that the federal government can levy against the citizens. 1) Direct taxes which are apportioned between the states; 2) Duties and Excise taxes which must be consistently applied to all citizens; 3) Proportional or Value-Added taxes which are imposed on things with value (i.e. property taxes); 4) Income taxes on all types of income earned.

I have no idea where a tax imposed on inactivity directed at just a select group of citizens fits in anywhere in these taxes approved in the Constitution. I mean, by this rationale you could go into a store looking for a pair of pants, not like any of the styles that are available and when you try to leave the store could say, “Since you chose not to buy any pants we need to collect a couple of bucks tax to send into the government before you leave.” It sounds ridiculous, but it really is the same thing as what the Supreme Court upheld as a tax. Makes no sense at all. At least it is comical to see all these Democrats getting on TV and staunchly stating that no matter what the Supreme Court ruled, the mandate really is a penalty and not a tax and the Court was completely wrong.
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