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Originally Posted by toad View Post
- let's say I want to go on the second sample diet of the second article; by what can I replace meal 3,4 & 5 so that I can eat at my desk? I don't suppose I can eat three turkey sandwiches every day...

Meal 3 is the Post Workout Shake, simply move this to around your actual workout time.

Meal 4 should be fine assuming you can pack your lunch in a cool pack.

Meal 5 could be fine as well with a cool pack. But you could always do a can of tuna instead.

If you note in the first meal plan, it has suggested calories, carbs, protein and fat. Not saying these are exactly what you need, but based on those amounts, you can read labels and make smart substitutions that work for your situation.

- both these articles fully assume that the reader will workout in the morning or at noon but this is impossible for me on weekdays; how should these dieting guidelines be adapted? (with regards to insulin sensitivity)

First, I'd ask is it really impossible? I don't say this because I think you have to workout in the morning, rather, I say it to make sure you are challenging yourself. If you truly want something, you will find ways to make it work. That said, the best workout time and diet plan is one you can stick to, think CONSISTENCY.

The main shift would be to eat more of your carbohydrates closer to your workout, some before and some after, for fuel and recovery. The workout itself will increase your insulin sensitivity, so don't stress having carbs later in the day if you are working out as well.

- according to both articles, one should start by only slightly reducing one's average daily calorie intake. Considering that I've been doing the worst for already two weeks (basically starving myself), where should I go from here? Should I just as suddenly revert back the "normal" amount?

This is true, you should only slightly reduce, in essence, striving to get the most bang for your buck before reducing calories again when weight loss stalls.

Yes, you should revert to normal. Attempt to really narrow in on your baseline amount that keeps your weight stable for a few weeks. Then adjust from there.

- what are really close equivalents to salad?

This is where you need to use your imagination. Salads won't have many calories, so substitutions are minimal. Salads serve several purposes; prepare the digestive system for the main meal, provide micronutrients/vitamins from all the veggies, and even help you feel full so you don't eat as much at the main meal (helpful when dieting).

Preparing the digestive system can be done with a tablespoon or 2 of apple cider vinegar before the meal. You can get more miconutrients/vitamins in your diet from a multivitamin. And you can help yourself feel full prior to the main meal by drinking lots of water. But you could also identify a vegetable that you enjoy (maybe celery, carrots or cucumber) and is easy to pack in your lunch and just have that instead of preparing a salad each day.

- I have no beef with vitamin supplements (if only that I'm on a budget) but I don't feel so good about chromium. How essential is it?

Do the math on this, a multivitamin will have almost no impact on a budget, trust me. I am cheap and I am a numbers guy, I've run numerous spreadsheets on my diet plans. The expensive part of any diet is the protein, and not even the whey. Typically, per gram, whey is cheap. The real money comes from buying chicken, beef and fish.

Regarding chromium, what is your issue with it? Like all supplements, you can live without it, but it does help your body handle glucose which is great when you have all the sugar in the PWO shake.

- I didn't fully understand what efa's were (in terms of what foods it actually corresponds to, that is) and especially what is referred to with the omega-ratios.

EFA- Essential Fatty Acids. The best source tends to be seafood, but they are found in olive oil, some nuts, and a few other sources. The easiest way to get Omega 3's is through a supplemental fish oil. Omega Rationtypically refers to the balance of Omega 3 to Omega 6 in your diet. The ratio should favor Omega 3, if it favors Omega 6 (as it will in most Western diets), than it will lead to inflammation (a marker of many other health problems). Simply consuming a quality fish oil/omega 3 supplement tilts the ratio in your favor and reduces inflammation.

- As I understand it, these diets imply that I cannot ever afford to eat a single meal that I haven't prepared myself; how can I combine that with mandatory family dinners without upsetting the in-laws?

I believe the articles are driving home the point that consistency is required to meet your goals.

However, don't forget, you aren't following a diet that is set in stone.

If you know you are going to eat an unhealthy meal later in the day, You can make adjustments earlier in the day by reducing carbs and fat which gives you some room to eat a bit unhealthier with your family. You can also watch your portions at the family meal, or focus more on the better aspects of the meal while having less of the starch or fatty portion.

These are just, off the top of my head, of few of the aspects that have me confused. More may follow

Hope that helps. My last point is probably the key to successful dieting, being able to make smart adjustments to your day, because life will throw your curveballs.

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