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I had browsed through these articles and initially thought they were maybe too advanced for my "beginner" situation.

Now, following your advice, I read them completely and thoroughly and, although there is no denying I learned a great deal of very interesting information, I still do have quite a lot of questions:

- let's say I want to go on the second sample diet of the second article; by what can I replace meal 3,4 & 5 so that I can eat at my desk? I don't suppose I can eat three turkey sandwiches every day...
- both these articles fully assume that the reader will workout in the morning or at noon but this is impossible for me on weekdays; how should these dieting guidelines be adapted? (with regards to insulin sensitivity)
- according to both articles, one should start by only slightly reducing one's average daily calorie intake. Considering that I've been doing the worst for already two weeks (basically starving myself), where should I go from here? Should I just as suddenly revert back the "normal" amount?
- what are really close equivalents to salad?
- I have no beef with vitamin supplements (if only that I'm on a budget) but I don't feel so good about chromium. How essential is it?
- I didn't fully understand what efa's were (in terms of what foods it actually corresponds to, that is) and especially what is referred to with the omega-ratios.
- As I understand it, these diets imply that I cannot ever afford to eat a single meal that I haven't prepared myself; how can I combine that with mandatory family dinners without upsetting the in-laws?

These are just, off the top of my head, of few of the aspects that have me confused. More may follow

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