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Question Help creating THE right diet for a me

Hey guys, I'm pretty new to the game. Following a non-healing multiple fracture to the collarbone, it's been 18 months since I was first banned from lifting any kind of weight and I've put on quite a few pounds (or kg in my case) which I now intend to lose in favor of muscle.

My goal is not to near 0% body fat or be anything close to qualifying to be a fitness model. I do however intend to make the best of my 3x/week workouts in order to build decent volume and mass and loose the extra fat. Let's call it "mildly ripped".

My problem at this point would be my diet, which I'm apparently not doing right at all. Up until today I wasn't aware of how important this was. Since I've started dieting 13 days ago, I've lost 5kg by eating very little 3x a day (typically: Whey protein for breakfast, veggetables at lunch, slices of chicken breast at dinner). I now understand that, not only do I run the risk of slowing down my metabolism by eating insufficiently, but I also do not eat nearly enough calories to make my workouts any kind of efficient. Which finally gets me to the point (sorry for the huge post): I've been looking around for "out-of-the-box" diets that I could follow but they all assume that I can eat hot meals whenever I want and, for many of them, that I can work out during lunch.

So here's my situation:
- I work 5 days a week at an office (although I don't have an office) but eating mid-day snacks shouldn't be an issue. I'll handle the weird looks!
- At the office, there's no fridge, no microwave and no shops around, just the very unhealthy cafeteria (which is why I only get to eat veggies)
- I'm a consultant so I can bring stuff with me to work but not really leave it there (e.g., in my desk)
- I can only work out 3x a week (maybe 4 max) on weekday evenings and weekend mornings
- I eat Whey protein shakes but am unaware of and unfamiliar with all the other supplements and would prefer avoiding them if possible.
- I'll have unavoidable family dinners every Wednesday evening and Sunday lunch.
- I don't like any kind of salads

What should/can I eat and when to provide my body with that right amount of nutrients that'll make my workouts worth their while?

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