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Default Looking for help/advice on workout problem

I recently started working out on a regular basis again. I downloaded the beginner's mass gain regiment in the introductions section and I have been following that pretty closely.

My issue is this. After I switched the doing max weight and low reps, everything was exactly how I remembered it with one difference. When I am doing shoulder press with the dumb bells my left is FAR FAR weaker then my right. This has never happened to me before and it has me extremely frustrated. If I am maxing out at 5 reps on my left, I can do 8-9 on my right with the same weight. EDIT **Just finished a workout and it happened with my triceps as well during skull crushers** EDIT

Keep in mind I have NEVER had any injuries to my shoulders. I feel no pain or discomfort, its simply a lack of strength. For no apparent reason from I can tell.

Looking for any suggestions what might be causing this and how to get past it as fast as possible.

Thanks guys!

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