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Originally Posted by Highpockets View Post
I am currently losing weight (not pounds but waste size and flab).
I am working out 4 days a week (weights and elliptical).
I can see the gains i'm making in muscle and ability.
This, above.

Doesn't match with this, below.

Originally Posted by Highpockets View Post
Here's my quandry. I track my calories closely, but if I eat the desired calories to make me lose weight (less) then am I starving my muslces of what they need to grow (protein)? I don't mind a little fat, always gonna have it, but I also can't pound the food like I used to when young (i'm 48).
You are losing weight and can see muscle gain. What is the problem again?

However, are you hoping for too much, most people are not going to gaining large portions of muscle while dieting. Typically, the goal is just to maintain muscle mass while in a fat loss phase and caloric deficit.

Originally Posted by Highpockets View Post
Where's the balance? What should I shoot for calorie/protein/carbs wise to gain muscle but not gain fat back?
If you are hoping to switch to a mass gains phase with minimal fat gain, than gradually increase carbs post workout until you find the sweet spot. The key is to do it gradually, this isn't a sprint, it is a marathon.

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