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exp squat:
265x5, 5 sets

SS w/

exp Bench:
165x5, 5 sets

circuit of (3 rounds):

BW +10x8
Pushupsx 20 reps
Floor ab twist x 25 lbsx 10 reps
DB squats: 40s x 10..just because I felt like it!

everything is done reps are as fast as possible

Today I kind of made the decision that I like this "hybrid" style workout a little better. I cant speak for results yet, as Its only been a week..but I feel better conditioned and more "overall fit". Plus, I saw some strictly powerlifter folks come into the gym today..and to be honest, they didnt look like they touched weights or knew what a gym was..I am sure they are stronger than me..but that the ONLY thing I dont really like about Powerlifting...not that looks mean jack )@U#(* but...u know...hard to explain
my youtube channel:

finally got camera, more vids to come!
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