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Its all about timing. The timing of consuming calories is more important than the actual amount of calories! I'm tempted to type a wall-o-text about this topic but let me try to keep things short. Here's some general guidelines for gaining muscle while minimizing fat gains or even loosing fat:

-Eat your biggest meal AFTER your work-out.
-Workout in a (nearly) fasted state, save those calories for AFTER your workout (see my first point)
-Give your body some time to dig into your fat reserves by staying in a fasted state for over 12 hours. Search for 'intermittent fasting', has worked for me and many others.
-Go to bed on an empty stomach, it will improve your sleeping cycle and improve GH release, thus having a positive impact on body composition.

The biggest myth still circulating is: "I have to eat every X hours or I will lose muscle". Some people are so obsessed with constantly pumping calories into their system, trying to maintain their anabolic state. The result: zero fat loss.
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