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Default HELP! Confused about calorie intake

Ok, I am an analyst by nature and profession but I cannot find a clear answer to my question.

I am currently losing weight (not pounds but waste size and flab).
I am working out 4 days a week (weights and elliptical).
I can see the gains i'm making in muscle and ability.

Here's my quandry. I track my calories closely, but if I eat the desired calories to make me lose weight (less) then am I starving my muslces of what they need to grow (protein)? I don't mind a little fat, always gonna have it, but I also can't pound the food like I used to when young (i'm 48).

Where's the balance? What should I shoot for calorie/protein/carbs wise to gain muscle but not gain fat back?

Any pointers or points to other writings would be much appreciated!

God Bless
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